I am a graduate of Ohio University’s Photography MFA program.  Much of my graduate work revolved around the way that land gets developed in the United States, as well as the way people interact with the outdoors.  As of late however, I’ve been working on some video pieces and panoramic imagery.    

Right now I am living in Columbus, Ohio, and work at a computer recycling company.  Check out the NEW ADDITIONS - Video Work, Denison Dance, Printmaking, 3D Design, and 2D Design!  I have been learning how to use some new programs like HUGIN and Google’s SKETCH-UP.  So that means more panoramics and a foray into 3D visualizations. 

If you are interested in prints of my work, please contact me with the email address below.  Print sizes range from as small as 8x10 inches all the way up to 45x60 inches.  I prefer to mount photographs to Sintra or face mount them to plexi-glass, but there are many options for display.  I now also have the ability to make fantastic 13x19 enlargements in the comfort of my own home, using an Epson R1800.  This way, I have the utmost control and can offer you my work at great prices.  I am using PRECISION INKS (a cost effective alternative to Epson’s) and have just started printing on INKPRESS’S Duo Matte 80 paper.  They have a fantastic selection of products, I highly suggest looking them up.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Please Contact me:   tekker45@hotmail.com